Medical Lien Financing made simple...

At Simplifund, we simplify the medical lien industry by connecting personal injury plaintiffs with the appropriate healthcare providers and offer quick, simple, and transparent lien financing and servicing solutions.

With over 25 years of experience in the personal injury industry, we have developed a reliable underwriting process that allows us to quickly process your case and provide almost immediate financing to meet your practice needs.

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Find Your Personal Accident Lawyer

Let us connect you with the best attorneys near you

Find an Attorney

At SimpliFUND, we connect people who suffered personal injury accidents with the best legal representation in your specific area.

If you have suffered a car or a slip and fall accident as a result of someone else’s fault, we will help you find the best personal injury attorney that fights for you.

Lien Purchase and Servicing

We buy and manage active personal injury liens among the best reimbursement rates in the industry

Lien Purchase and Servicing

Let Simplifund manage your medical liens on your behalf and collect funds once your case settles.
Our qualified team will help analyze and underwrite the case, manage the communications with plaintiff attorneys, and ensure adequate lien recovery for the medical services provided.
We partner with health care providers who want to grow their business but don’t have the knowledge or expertise to underwrite the risk of non-payment.

Cash Advance

Get cash NOW!

Cash Advance

Life happens and bills don’t wait for your settlement

We offer a portion of your settlement upfront

Medical Provider Network

We connect personal injury victims with the best and most qualified Physicians who can help you get better

Medical Facility Partnership

We provide clinics, medical facilities and ambulatory surgery centers with cash flow solutions.

We will partner with facilities and physicians who have no experience in working on liens and will help you understand how to help personal Injury plaintiffs.

We offer 30 day payment after the procedure has been performed allowing facilities receive upfront cash for the accounts receivables.

What makes us different?

Simplufind will buy active personal injury liens at among the highest reimbursement industry rates.
Whether it’s a single case or an entire lien portfolio, Simplifund can provide immediate cash flow while eliminating the risk of payment reductions or non-payment.

Let’s SimpliFund!

For Attorneys

For Attorneys

We help you end-to-end with your clients health care needs: from pre-settlement funding to finding the appropriate health care provider.

For Providers

For Providers

With a large network of attorneys network, we will help you grow your business. We can provide almost immediate financing for medical services on lien and also offer lien servicing solutions for your practice.

For Plaintiffs

For Plaintiffs

We can provide you with a portion of your settlement upfront to help you with your financial obligation.

Whether you are an Attorney, Health Care Provider, or Personal Plaintiff, we have the experience to help you Simplify your needs!


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